• Keyera Energy Inc. Customer Service FAQ - Bulk Propane Gas

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How can I tell if my propane gas is affected by the recall? 

    A: This recall involves bulk propane gas delivered by Keyera Energy Inc. to its customers between February 2018 and April 2018.  Your supplier or retailer may have received and sold propane gas originally delivered by Keyera Energy Inc. 

    Q:   What is the problem with the propane gas? 

    A:   Some of this propane does not have sufficient levels of the odorant that is added to propane to help alert consumers to a gas leak, posing a risk of explosion. 

    Q: Have any injuries been reported?

    A:   The company is not aware of any reported incidents or injuries related to the use of this propane. 

    Q:   How can I tell if my propane gas has a problem?

     A:   Customers should not attempt to test the propane gas themselves.  Customers who are concerned about the safety of their propane gas should contact their local retail or supplier to arrange for a free inspection or contact Keyera Energy Inc. by phone using our toll free number  844-879-8419 or by email at propane@keyera.com to assist in arranging a free inspection. 

    Q:   Am I impacted by this problem? 

    A:   The propane may have been sold by customers of Keyera Energy Inc. to businesses and consumers in Texas and Louisiana. 

    Q:   Will I receive a refund for my propane gas? 

    A:   The lack of odorant in the propane will not affect the safety of the propane tank.  You may take your propane tank to a local supplier and they will take steps to add odorant or replace your propane if necessary. 

    Q:   How do I participate in the recall? 

    A:   Customers who are concerned about purchased or delivered propane should contact their local retailer or supplier and arrange for an inspection or contact Keyera Energy Inc. to assist in arranging a free inspection.  You can reach Keyera Energy Inc. and obtain more information by email at propane@keyera.com, by calling the toll free number 844-879-8419 between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST Monday through Friday, or online at www.keypropaneupdate.com.